/ What is the difference between a student that is a Scholar and a Fellow?

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There are 2 types of students in the honors program, Scholars and Fellows. 

Students interested in being Scholars are automatically considered for invitation into the HP based on their high school credentials submitted with the application for general admission (3.5 GPA or higher, 28+ ACT, 1250+ SAT (Math/Verbal Scores only)). Scholars do not currently receive any additional scholarship. 

Students interested in being Fellows are required to meet the following qualifications for consideration: 3.5 GPA or higher, 31+ ACT or 1360+ SAT (Math/Verbal scores only), HP application, and project.  Up to 16 Fellows are selected each year and those selected are awarded a $20,000 scholarship/year for up to 4 years so long as they meet the program renewal criteria.

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