/ What is the Visa process?

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After completing the Admissions process (submitting application, test scores and transcripts) the process of applying for a visa will begin.

You will first need to contact the American Embassy or Consulate in your country and schedule an interview.

When attending ORU on an F-1 student visa, all financial requirements must be proven in order for ORU to issue the immigration document I-20 form.

The ORU Financial Guarantee Form must be completed fully including:

Signature of applicant with understanding of cost of education.

Signature of Affidavit and understanding of cost of education by the Guarantor.

Signature and Seal of the financial institution of the Guarantor.

  1. If the institution is unable to sign the Financial Guarantee Form, a letter from the institution on letterhead with seal and signature is required, verifying the financial ability of the Guarantor.

Once the Financial Guarantee Form is received by the Admissions Office you will be mailed an I-20 which you will bring with you to your embassy interview.

You will also need to pay a SEVIS fee at least 3 days before your embassy interview. The SEVIS fee is $200 and must be paid in advance of visiting the embassy. For SEVIS go to https://egov.ice.gov/sevis.

Once each of these steps are completed, you are ready for your embassy interview.

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