/ When looking at my Transfer Evaluation, I see that some courses transferred in as “ELEC 099 – General Elective.” Does this mean the class won’t count at ORU?

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Initially, this course does not count towards your major. Once you are on campus after the start of the school year, you may petition a course to count towards your degree by completing these steps:

i. Obtain a Petition to Transfer Course form from the Registrar lobby

ii.      Fill out the form completely

iii.      Get a catalog description of the course(s) you want to transfer from the previous institution

iv.      Attach the course description to the Petition

v.      Submit the Petition to the Dean of the Department your major resides

vi.      You will receive a copy detailing the decision of the dean

vii.      To receive credit for the course(s), the school must be regionally accredited and you must receive a “C” or better grade

viii.      No remedial courses can be transferred. 

ix.      Upon completion of the course(s), the Registrar of the transfer school should send a final official transcript to the Registrar’s Office at ORU

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