/ How can I receive financial aid to study abroad?

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Students studying abroad must be approved by the Study Abroad committee and participate in an eligible program. Following the instructions in the Study Abroad packet, you will be making two in-person appointments with each relevant office on campus. At your first appointment in the financial aid office we will make a copy of your study proposal and budget information before discussing your personal financial aid options with you.

Once the Study Abroad committee has approved your initial application, you will be packaged with any federal financial aid for which you are eligible. Prior to your second scheduled meeting with the financial aid office, log into Vision to accept/decline your awards and complete any requested paperwork. At your second consultation the specialist will go over your finalized budget and financial aid, look up your anticipated loan disbursement date, and sign your study abroad form. The federal government mandates that a disbursement for study abroad can take place no sooner than ten calendar days prior to the first day of your study abroad class, so plan accordingly with the Student Accounts office for the receipt of your anticipated refund.

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