/ How much is tuition and fees to attend ORU?

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Please refer to the links for information regarding the cost of attendance.

Undergraduate Cost of Education information: http://www.oru.edu/financial_assistance/undergraduate/undergraduate_cost_of_education.php

Graduate Business Cost of Education is available: http://www.oru.edu/financial_assistance/graduate/cost_of_education_grad_business.php

Graduate Education Cost of Education is available: http://www.oru.edu/financial_assistance/graduate/cost_of_education_grad_education.php

Graduate Theology Cost of Education is available: http://www.oru.edu/financial_assistance/graduate/cost_of_education_grad_theology.php

Note: The information above may not contain course specific fees that are charged, such as for lab fees, licensing fees, etc or other fees such as parking permit, late registration fees, etc. Please refer to the ORU Catalog for a more detailed explanation at https://www.oru.edu/academics/catalog/

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