/ I received a grant last year that is not on Vision for this school year. Why did I lose the funding?

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There are several reasons your grant may not be renewed: * The “ORU One-Year Need Grant” is not a renewable award * You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive ORU Grants * You have not met the minimum GPA for the award * You must enroll full time to receive ORU Grants * You must continue to exhibit “need” as reflected on your FAFSA to receive the grant(s). If you do not file your FAFSA, we cannot award the grant. Also, if your income has dramatically increased you may no longer be eligible for the award * If you withdrew from the University at any point, your previous grants are forfeited and your account starts over as a “readmitted” student * Your grant funding may have been replaced by additional gift aid, such as RA, Chaplain, or APA awards.

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