/ What information will I need to complete the FAFSA?

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If you are a FAFSA dependent student, you will need the following information for yourself and your parents. If you are FAFSA independent, you will need the information for yourself and your spouse, if married.

– Actual tax returns – W-2 forms – Records of untaxed income (e.g. clergy housing allowance information, veteran’s  non-education benefits records, military Basic Allowance for Sustenance records, statements of child support received, etc.) – Bank statements – Investment records – Business and farm asset information – Driver’s license number – Social Security Number – Alien registration number (for eligible non-citizens)

It is recommended that students and parents who have filed taxes, use the availabe IRS Data Retrieval Tool.  This tool automatically links tax information to the FAFSA, saving time and the likelyhood of falling into verification.  It also ensures that the proper information is entered in the correct line items. The DRS tool is available to use in the Financial Information section of the FAFSA.

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