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Whole Person Scholarship

What is the renewal requirement for the Quest Whole Person Scholarship?

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Quest Whole Person Scholarships are renewed based on Whole Person Assessment (WPA) scores and Grade Point Average (GPA) following the completion of the spring semester.

Effective Fall 2011, students with awards above $15,000 must maintain at least a 3.5 WPA and 3.0 GPA; those with awards $15,000 or below must maintain a 3.0 WPA and 2.50 GPA.

Students not meeting these criteria will be evaluated further based on a sliding scale adopted by the Whole Person Scholarship Committee averaging the GPA and WPA scores. Students with awards above $15,000 will be approved for renewal with an average of 3.0 and those with awards $15,000 or below will be approved for renewal with an average of 2.50 on the sliding scale.

Students whose scores do not meet either standard may appeal to have their awards reinstated on a probationary basis. All appeals must be received by Committee deadlines to be considered.

What happens if my Whole Person Assessment Score (WPA) is below the renewal requirement?

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If you do not meet the renewal requirement for your Whole Person Scholarship by the end of the Spring semester, your Scholarship will be canceled for the upcoming academic year. All students who do not achieve the renewal WPA will be notified of their loss of aid.

Can I appeal the loss of my Quest Whole Person Scholarship if my WPA is below the renewal requirement?

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Yes. The Quest Whole Person Appeals Committee meets twice during the summer to review appeals for scholarships. If you feel you have lost your Quest Whole Person Scholarship in error, or if you have completed additional coursework to raise your WPA, you may submit a written appeal. Submission of appeal does not guarantee the reinstatement of award. You will be notified of the Committee’s decision within one week of their meeting.

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