Follett/Eagle Bucks

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Follett/Eagle Bucks

How do I deposit funds into my Eagle/Follett Bucks Account online?

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You can transfer excess financial aid funds via your ORU Vision account during the Fall and Spring semesters 2 weeks prior to the start of each semester and through the drop/add period. The instructions to transfer funds are below.

1) Log into your VISION Account with your ORU Z# and PIN (Initially, enter your 6 digit birth date)

2) Click on “Registration Steps / Online Bookstore” from the Main page.

3) Click on “Transfer excess funds to Eagle/Follett Bucks” link, at the bottom of the page.

4) Follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

Please note:

a)      A transfer can only be done once your registration is “Complete” and if you have excess funds from your financial aid for the semester.

b)      The limit for Follett Bucks is $800 and Eagle $600 (for commuters students only)

c)       It takes a few minutes for the funds to actually show in your Follett/Eagle bucks account.

To add funds to your Eagle card using other payment methods, please visit:  http://www.oru.edu/current_students/my_services/eagle_card_center/  and then click on  “Make a Deposit” and follow the steps listed.  Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted.

What are Follett Bucks?

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Follett Bucks can be used in the University Store at ORU to purchase any items including books, apparel and snacks. Students who have excess funds from their financial aid may be able to transfer the excess funds to their Eagle Card in the form of Follett Bucks. Students can transfer funds online at vision.oru.edu during the first two weeks of the semester. After that two-week period, funds may be transferred to Follett Bucks at Student Accounts. Unused Follett Bucks will rollover to the next semester but are non-refundable.

What are Eagle Bucks?

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Eagle Bucks are a convenient debit account right on your ORU ID card.  It provides a convenient form of payment for services and restaurants on and off campus.  You may deposit funds into your Eagle Bucks account at the Eagle Card Center located on LRC 3 or online at www.oru.edu/eaglecard

Where is my Eagle/Follett Bucks Account?

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Do I need a separate card?  Your Eagle/Follett Bucks account is on your ORU student ID card. Every student is automatically assigned an Eagle/Follett Bucks account. No separate card is needed. ORU faculty and staff also have an Eagle Bucks account assigned to their ID card.

Where can Eagle Bucks be used?

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Eagle Bucks can be used both on campus AND off campus. You can swipe your card all over campus to pay for the meals you eat everyday at Sodexo dining locations, including concessions for most of the ORU games at the Mabee Center and Johnson Stadium.

Eagle Bucks can also be used at the ORU Business Center, University Store, Library, Student Health Services, ORU Telephone Center, Campus Post Office, campus copiers, and ORU vending and laundry machines with card readers. When students use Eagle Bucks at Sodexo restaurants on campus and at CityPlex instead of cash, they save approximately 13% on food purchases.

To see a full list of off campus participating locations, click on the Participating Locations link at  oru.edu/eaglecard

To make a deposit towards Eagle Bucks, please visit http://www.oru.edu/current_students/my_services/eagle_card_center/


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