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Student Life

Why can’t I open the window in my EMR/Claudius dorm room?

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At ORU, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) is very important. As a result, ERV has been instituted for both the EMR and Claudius Residence Halls. The benefit of using energy recovery is the ability to meet the ventilation & energy standards, while improving indoor air quality and reducing total equipment capacity.

Prior to this new system, these Residence Halls experienced high humidity, negative air flow, a degradation of the facilities and low air quality. We have completely eliminated this situation by closing all windows to each building and introducing conditioned air that has taken advantage of recovering some of the energy existing in the current air temperature by using it from the building space. In addition, Since Claudius and EMR are on a two(2) pipe water system, it sometimes takes on average 3-5 days to convert from AC to Heat and vice versa.

Can I remain on campus during Fall and Spring breaks?

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Yes, you may stay. The cafeteria will be closed, but your Sodexo bucks will be valid at Hava Java, Subway at Citiplex Towers, and Mabee Center concession stands. Eagle Bucks are accepted at several off-campus restaurants. Visit www.oru.edu/eaglecard for a list of participating restaurants that accept Eagle Bucks.

Where can I use the Sodexo Bucks that came with my meal plan?

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You may use Sodexo Bucks at any on-campus dining location.

  • Moe’s Southwest Grill – Serving lunch and dinner every day of the week; Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center.
  • Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery – Serving coffee, snacks and drinks every day of the week; Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center.
  • The Deli – Serving breakfast & lunch, weekdays; GC 3rd floor
  • Chick-fil-A – Serving lunch & dinner; Hamill Student Center, lower level. Closed Sundays.
  • Freshens Eagle’s Nest – Serving healthy smoothies, yogurt & snacks; Hamill Student Center, lower level
  • Internet Cafe – Serving coffee & snacks late at night; Hamill Student Center, lower level
  • Hava Java – Serving coffee, snacks & drinks on weekdays; LRC 3rd floor
  • Green Cuisine – Serving organic foods on weekdays, LRC 3rd floor
  • Freshens LRC – Serving healthy smoothies, yogurt, and snacks on weekdays; LRC 3rd floor
  • The Squeeze – Serving healthy drinks & snacks in the Aerobics Center
  • Mama Delucca’s Pizza – Serving lunch & dinner; CityPlex Towers 1st floor
  • Subway – Serving breakfast, lunch, & dinner; CityPlex Towers 1st floor

How can parents have access to their student’s records?

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According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws, only pparents whose student claims “dependent” status will have access to academic records.


Where can I find out about disability services?

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Office of Student Resources: (LRC 5) 918.495.7018 – assures that no qualified individual with a disability will be denied reasonable accomodation in modification of policies, practices, and procedures in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students who wish to access services should identify themselves by contacting the Office of Student Resources. Services include an intake interview during which reasonable accommodations are identified for students with a documented disability.

Reasonable accommodations offered to students on an individual basis include: alternative testing, electronic textbooks, adaptive Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER), sign language interpretation, note-taking, text enlargement, parking/access services, and academic adjustments. Other appropriate and reasonable accommodations may be provided.

Each student is encouraged to act as his or her own advocate and has the responsibility for securing assistance. Early and regular contact with the Student Resources Office will help ensure the timely identification and arrangement of service and accommodations.

Where can I find help if I’m sick or have questions about immunizations?

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Student Health: (EMR, east wing, first floor) 918.495.6341 – provides medical care to students. Student Health reviews immunization records and ORU medical assessment forms.

Nurse available: Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm (Closed for lunch from 11:30am -12:30pm)

Walk-in physician’s clinic: Mon. & Fri.- 8am-11am, Tues., Wed., and Thurs.- 1pm-4pm


How can I determine if I need my own computer?

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ORU strongly recommends that students own a computer. It is important that students check with the department of their major for current requirements or recommendations. Students may qualify for financial aid to cover the costs. Check with your Financial Aid counselor for more details. When you bring your own computer to hook up in your dorm room, you can plug into our wired network or use the wireless connectivity that is available throughout the dorms and across campus. If you need an Ethernet cable to plug into the network, they are available for purchase in the University bookstore.

How can I get internet connection?

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When you register on VISION, you will receive a Novell login granting you access to the ORU network. The wired connection in your room is available as soon as you plug in your computer with an ethernet cord, or a wireless conection can be obtained throughout the University. Each dorm has its own SSID. For example, “ORU Claudius” can be connected to without authentication. For the rest of the campus, the SSID for students is simply “ORU-Student.” In addition, you will be given a Web-based e-mail account on ORU’s e-mail system. Important University information, such as financial aid information, is regularly sent to  your ORU e-mail address. As such, it is important for you to regularly check your ORU e-mail. Students are required to use the ORU web-based e-mail; ISP POP3 e-mail is not allowed for security reasons.

How can I get involved in ministry?

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Missions & Outreach (Christ’s Chapel) 918.495.7728 or oruoutreach.com – offers weekly outreaches in Tulsa and domestic and international short term missions trips for ORU students.


Can I remain on campus during Christmas break?

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No, you must vacate the residence halls at that time. Your belongings, however, may remain in your room.

Can I get a meal plan if I’ll be a Commuter student?

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Yes, you may purchase a block of meals good for yourself and your guests in the student cafeteria. It’s a non-refundable, non-transferrable plan that expires at the end of the academic school year. Meals may be purchased at the Eagle Card Center on LRC 3 or at Student Accounts. Commuter students may qualify to charge their block of meals against their student account.


Block of 10 – $56.00 ; Block of 25 – $133.50 ; Block of 50 – $244.50

10 meals + 100 Sodexo Bucks – $159.00 ; 25 meals + 50 Sodexo Bucks – $ 165.00 ; 50 meals + 25 Sodexo Bucks – $253.00

You may also use Eagle Bucks for your food purchases so that you may eat at any on-campus dining location. (Students receive a 5% discount and do not pay sales tax on their on-campus food purchases. That’s an approximate 13% savings when using Eagle Bucks instead of cash at on-campus dining locations.) You can purchase Eagle Bucks online at www.oru.edu/eaglecard or stop by the Eagle Card Center on LRC 3.

What are Eagle Bucks?

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Eagle Bucks are monies spent using your Eagle Card (student ID). Eagle Bucks can be drawn on to make purchases at many campus locations and several off-campus restaurants.

This is a suggested Eagle Bucks budget (per semester) for students living on campus:

Laundry: $75       Vending: $25      Copies/Copy Center: $50     Off Campus Dining: $100

Funds can be added to the Eagle Card in the office on LRC 3 or online by the student or approved guests at www.oru.edu/eaglecard.

What are Follett Bucks?

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Follett Bucks are monies that can be used in the University Bookstore to purchase any items including books, apparel, and snacks. Students who have excess funds from their financial aid may be able to transfer the excess to their Eagle Card in the form of Follett Bucks. Students can transfer funds online at VISION during the first two weeks of the semester. After that two week period, funds may be transferred to Follett Bucks at Student Accounts. Unused Follett Bucks will roll over to the next semester.

Where can I receive and send faxes or find help typing and proofreading papers?

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ORU Business Center: Document Preparation Services (LRC 3) 918.495.6848, fax- 918.495.6033 – offers fax services and will type papers, memos, letters, transcriptions, forms, contracts, Power Point presentations, brochures, graphics, data files, etc. for a fee. Proofreading services are also available.

Where can I have copies made?

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ORU Business Center: Copy Services (LRC 3) 918.495.6847 – The Business Center is the place to go to have all your copying needs met. Besides offering copying, they provide lamination, binding, transparencies, labels, and more. FedEx shipping services are also available.

Is there a charge to see the R.N. or Physician at Student Health Services?

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No, there is no charge for ORU students to be seen by our nurse or the physicians.  However, there is a fee for meds, Tb testing, flu tests, and some immunizations.  Student Health accepts cash, credit/debit, Eagle Bucks, or it is also possible to bill your meds to your student account.

I’m a residential student. Where will I pick up my mail?

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The Campus Post Office is located on the first floor of the EMR dorm.  All residential students are assigned a post office box and given combination.  Students should check their post office box at least once a week.  The Campus Post Office offers a variety of postal services: stamps, boxes, shipping materials and more.

What if I need help quick, like for an emergency?

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Our campus security, the Department of Public Safety and Security, is located in the center of our campus in the Hamill Student Center right below the Cafeteria or you can call them at 918.495.7750. There are also several designated emergency buttons throughout campus that you can push for help in case of an emergency.

I have special dietary needs. Is there anyone out there to help me?

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We have a campus dietitian available to ensure residential students with special dietary needs can enjoy a tasty, healthy selection of foods.  Call 918.495.6269 with your questions.

Where can I go to work out?

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Student’s ID cards give them access to our Aerobics Center (AC) located adjacent to Johnson Baseball Stadium.   There are basketball and racquet ball courts, a 50 meter swimming pool, a four lane running track, exercise equipment, tennis courts and other workout options.

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